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Client Testimonials

Andrew did our bathroom remodeling, and they did great job. Would highly recommend him to any of our friends.Read More

They recently finished my living room upgrade project and I am very happy with the results. My realtor recommended them for the quality of work as well as values for money. First is replacing carpet to hard flooring, Julie helped me along the process of choosing the right type/color. They do from time to time have different types of hard flooring that is on sale (which I think those r really good deal to grab) but the color I like was not. I went with it anyway (well, u don't get to change flooring very often so might as well pick ur fav color). Prior to placing order for the material, Julie did bring me a huge piece of floor sample for me to check and make sure it's the color I am going for which is very helpful. I am more than happy with the result(see pix!). I also wanna to have a custom cabinet for wine cooler . Pretty much decided on the spot what color and type of stone I want to go with and two days later, here it is my wine bar! If I would choose again I will go with clear glass for the cabinet doors but other than that everything looks great! They also provided inspection service which is very reasonablely prices. Highly recommend to ppl who are planning for renovation projects.Read More

We were very glad to have Andrew help us with our little bathroom project. Despite how small our space is, he and his team are always being patient throughout the construction process. Would definitely recommend them for either a big home project or a small renovation like ours.Read More

Andrew and his team made time to help me quickly replace the three cracked wall located on living room and bedroom. Allow me to rent out the house on schedule! The tenant and I are very satisfied with their work attitude, efficiency and quality! Highly recommended!— HelenRead More

They did a great job on my kitchen! Everything has intricate and explicit detail. Thanks so much! Everything looks perfect :)Read More

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